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Indiana Pest Control – Your Local Bug Cleanup Experts

Indiana Pest Control offers various pest control services in the commercial and residential areas of Indianapolis. It is one of the reputed locally owned pest control in the state. Indiana Pest Control is committed to providing top-notch quality and eco-friendly services and treatment.

Indiana Pest Control is offering services for more than 29 years in North Central Indiana that is in Ft Wayne, Lafayette, Kokomo, Caramel, Indianapolis, and more places. Along with commercial, residential services, they also provide the proven best solutions, eco-friendly treatments, professionals assistance, and many more things.

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A Brief About Indiana Pest Control Services

Indiana Pest Control provides comprehensive monthly and yearly services to render specialized protection services. The services and treatment you get are innovative and up-to-date and delivered by certified and experienced technicians. Indiana Pest Control provides ongoing training to handle any kind of pest problem. Before hiring Indiana Pest Control, you must know about its services and programs.

  1. Residential Pest Control 

You can get various services for residential areas according to your specific needs and budget. The pest services offered by Residential Pest Control are:

  1. Ant Control
  2. Bed Bug Control
  3. Bird Control
  4. Carpenter Ant Control
  5. Roach Control
  6. Rodent Control
  7. Spider Control
  8. Termite Control
  9. Wildlife Control
  1. Commercial Services

You can also get various services and treatment plans for commercial areas. You can get a commercial pest management plan according to your requirement. The commercial areas where you can get Indiana Pest Control area:

  • Government
  • Housing Authorities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Educational Facilities
  • Police Stations
  • Offices
  • Fire Departments

Customer Reviews

Go through the real customers’ reviews before hiring Indiana Pest Control and its services. 

Samaritan Caregivers 

“Indiana Pest Control does a great job of keeping our office free of unwanted bugs and spiders. If we ever have a problem, we give them a call and they stop by at no additional charge to make sure we are pest-free.”

Jerry Davis

“Indiana Pest control did an excellent job for me. we had to have a job in the past forme and did an excellent job then also. If you need any pest control, call Indiana Pest Control.”

Jill & Terry Munson

We have a quarterly service and are very happy. Called once right before they were closing on a Friday for a holiday weekend. We had ground bees. They said they could be very serious and immediately sent someone out to resolve the issue.



Ques - How much does Indiana Pest Service Cost?

services of Indiana are innovative and eco-friendly. You don’t need to worry much about the costing as the services are affordable and least expensive.

Ques - Is it necessary to take a full year plan for the treatment?

No, anyone can choose treatment plans according to their preferences and budget. 

Ques - Do the services of Indiana worth it?

Indiana Pest is providing the services for more than 29 years. The services are Quality pro certified and 100% guaranteed and do not harm your property and family.

Ques - What are the pests treated by Indiana?

Technicians are well-trained to treat various pests and any kind of pests situation. The common pests are ants, termites, rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flea, ticks, bed bugs, stinging insects, and many other pests.

Ques - Where does Indiana offer its services?

You can get the services of Indiana Pest Control in some areas of North Central Indiana including Ft Wayne, Lafayette, Kokomo, Caramel, Indianapolis, and more places. 

Indiana Pest Control Pricing 

Main Address – 231 Rainbow Drive, Kokomo, IN 46902

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