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Tips for Fall Pest Prevention to Try Before Reaching Pest Control Longmont CO

The fall season is known as the time when nature paints all leaves with different shades of red and orange, the air becomes crisp and days become shorter. But, it’s also the peak season when pests invade homes in search of warmth, shelter, and food. With the season changing, you might notice lots of smaller pests inside or around the home such as spiders, bugs, boxelder, Asian lady beetles, rodents, and flies. Unfortunately, these pests are rapids breeders, creates bigger pest problems. They can lead to a big pest infestation, damage your homes, and even pose threat to your health.

It’s better to prepare your home for fall before these pests start sharing your personal space and resources. Try these simple tips fall pests prevention before reaching Pest Control Longmont CO.

Common Fall Pests that invade Homes

As the climate begins to decline, inspect your property to identify the pest infestation signs and remove the source that will help pests to survive. Professional experts Pest Control Longmont CO undergoes the special training to understand the nature and behavior pattern of common household pests that help them to get rid of them easily. Therefore, knowing about common fall pests can help you to understand their nature.


Spiders are predators that feed on other bugs. One of the main reasons they make their way in your home because of easy food that you may not be able to notice. These eight-legged freaky creatures actually help you to control the population of other bugs but what about their population. When their pollution grow to a point that you starts seeing spiders everywhere, it’s better to reach Pest Control Longmont CO to get rid of them

Boxelder Bugs

Depending on where you live, Box-elder bugs start entering the house when crops start getting harvested. These insects are harmless as they don’t sting or bite. However, these can attract other predatory pests in your house. So, it’s better to prepare your house for the invasion of Box-elder Bugs. The fastest way to prevent fall bugs entry in your home is to hire a professional Pest Control Longmont CO. 

House Mice

Rodents like house mice and rats prefer to live in dark, secluded, and undisturbed places. Typically, they create their nests with fabric materials, cotton, paper, insulation fibers, etc. They mostly feed on seeds and insects, but they’ll easily adapt to whatever is available.

The constant urination of house mouse is very dangerous for your health, it’s better to seek professional Pest Control Longmont CO when you notice them in or around your home. 

Tips for Fall Pest Prevention

  • Seal crevices and cracks on the exterior side of the home.
  • Repair damaged screens and install door sweeps on external doors. 
  • Replace weather-stripping and lose mortar around the windows and basement foundation. 
  • Secure openings to chimneys and vents. 
  • Store all food items in airtight containers.
  • Dispose of your garbage regularly and use sealed receptacles.
  • Remove all moisture sites.
  • Trim all branches and shrubs near the house.

Bottom Line:

These simple steps can help you to prevent an infestation in the fall season. However, it’s better to contact a professional Pest Control LongmontCO to inspect and treat the potential pest problems.