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Found home remedies to remove pests still they are roaming around? A pest is nothing but annoying creatures that can bring a lot of damage to you and your home property.  The problems for pests are irritating for each and every individual, they can be so arrogant wont be remove with your home solutions.

At Brantley Pest Control, we give quick, solid, effortless private pest control facilities intended to give you the genuine feelings of satisfaction and worthy you may experience. Brantley Pest Control gladly offers an extensive scope of pest control with variety of different programs. They have a group of team of entomologists in Kansas city to give protected and bug free conditions, in and around their homes – all while giving mindful, customized facility and complete satisfaction.

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Learn About All the Services of Brantley Pest Control

All the services at Brantley Pest Control are designed specially for you to fulfil all the kinds of requirements you have for the issues of pests at your home or office building.  Following are the services that this Pest Control provides to its customers given below:

  • Termite Control Service

Don’t ever invite them in your home as these annoying creatures Can ruining your woods & walls; instead get the best services for termite control.

  • Pest Control Service

Pests are the dangerous creatures and can any day break your home property. They are harmful and give serious health issues to you and your family members. Protect your family from them and get the reliable services now through Brantley Pest Control.

  • Mice Control Service

You can remove them instantly from your home with the help of Brantley Pest Control services. Mice create a lot of smell in your home when they spread their virus, so be careful for their presence at your home.

  • Rodent Control Service

Rodents are most dangerous creatures, be careful but You don’t need to get worried about the pests because Brantley Pest Control will be there for you to provide you the best services that are exceptionally well-amazing.

Customers Reviews

They are reasonable. They are very efficiency. They do what we contracted them for. There are no problems at all. We haven’t seen any bugs inside.


They came and sprayed and then I still had some ants so they came right back to take care of it. The price for the pest control was fine.


They are reasonable. They are very efficiency. They do what we contracted them for. There are no problems at all. We haven’t seen any bugs inside.



Q1. What’s the availability of the team?

The team is available 24/7 for you to give you on the spot services.

Q2. What treatments are there for pest removal?

There are thousands of treatments which thus are treated legally and worthwhile.

Q3. What facilities the team will provide?

The team of entomologists are experienced enough to give you professional services which can kill every kind of pest.

Q4. Do they have affordable services?

Yes, they have the budget-friendly services for you.

Q5. Do they deal with mice, rodent and mosquito treatment?

Yes, they deal with every treatment.

Prices For Brantley Pest Control Services

Company Brantley Pest Control Average Price
Pest Control Services $190 $150-180
Quarterly Audit $40 $25-35

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Location- PO Box 902111 Kansas City, MO, 64190

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